Web Links


Institute of Physics


JEMI UK Ltd is the Joint Equipment and Materials Initiative and represents the interests of companies and organisations serving the micro and nanotechnology industries across the UK and Ireland.

Microwaves 101

A valuable site for microwave and RF technical information, if you have forgotten a formula or want a clear description of a circuit try this site first.

Online unit converter

Comprehensive online unit converter.

Open University Plasma Research Group

University group interested in the science and applications of the ionized gases.

RF cafe

RF Cafe is an excellent site for anyone looking for information about RF technology and is full of useful links to other engineering sites.


Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International is the global industry association serving the microelectronic, display and photovoltaic industries.

Semiconductor Industry Association

The US semiconductor community website.

The engineering toolbox

A website offering a large range of tools, basic information and resources for engineering and design.

Tonne Software

A collection of original engineering software available for download.


Precision resistors -buy direct from the manufacturer when you purchase your precision resistors from Riedon.com.

 EE Power

EEPower is a digital publication focused on the power electronics industry. The publication features technical articles, design tips, and application notes from the industry’s leading power electronics engineers and application experts.

Future Learn

FutureLearn offers online maths, science and engineering courses created by experts from leading universities and organisations.  A great site if you're looking to  brush up on basic science and numeracy skills or master advanced topics like robotics and data analysis.