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Low frequency current balance network

Description:  complex processing equipment often has multiple electrodes driven by a single power supply, or clusters of electrodes supplied by a single generator.  Ensuring the current in each electrode is equal throughout the processing period enhances stability and reproducibility.  The device is specifically designed for low frequency, high power machines e.g. large scale or continuous coating applications.


Advantages:  situated between the electrodes and generator, or electrodes and matching network, the rugged passive network ensures equal currents in each of its loads -the electrodes.  As conditions and impedances change during the processing period the variation in currents between the electrodes is minimized enhancing performance and repeatability.

Standard configurations: ideal for for low frequency generators in the 50 - 100kHz range with power levels in excess of 15kW.  Standard configurations are for four or eight driven electrodes with a common return.  The design is easily scalable to suit individual requirements.