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VSWR Clamp

Description: A unique device fitted adjacent to the generator that limits the impedance transient during the plasma ignition aiding generator stability. It can be fitted to existing installations and will work with any type of generator and matching unit combination.


Advantages: Modern switched mode generators offer excellent efficiency but are sensitive to load impedance.  During the plasma ignition and matching period the generaor can be subjected to dramatic changes in impedance.  This can cause it to become unstable and, if it is near the limit of its stable operating region, it is common to find small changes in process conditions can make matching very difficult.  By restricting the impedance transient the VSWR Clamp aids the overall stability of the RF system which means reliable, and repeatable matching over a wide range of conditions.

Standard configurations: ideal for generators with power levels up to 500W.  The design is easily  scalable for high power applications.